A Unique Mandir for Meditation and Yagyas in Brampton.                   

About the Creator of Maha Kali Mandir

Shri Surya Prakash ji is a compassionate and caring person.  It is rare to find a person who teaches his desciples to be caring and open yet having unswerving devotion.  He will always encourage you to do the right thing.


He has never said anything to praise himself, but it should be said that he is a Mystic who is close to God and insights come to him. 


In meditation he teaches about the Chakra energy centers of the body and how to stimulate them.  He shows you how to control the mind and create freedom (happiness of the self).


He uses his gifts to determine changes in ones life and uses Astrological remedies to improve your life.  By his guidance you can learn to concentrate deeper and create positive changes in your life both spiritually and materially.


Maha Kali

Meditation is held with Pranayam and Mantra.  Devotees of Maha Kali celebrate by bathing Maha Kali with pure substances including Ganga Jal, milk, honey, Haldi and Sindoor.  


Guruji Shri Surya Prakash will himself host special Yagyas performed by highly skilled priests throughout the year and when requested by devotees.

Shri Surya Prakash ji Enjoying Kirtan Outside