A Unique Mandir for Meditation and Yagyas in Brampton.                   

Meditation, Awareness & Chakras

In meditation you guide the mind of the desciple towards learning control.  You will unlearn many habits that were influencing you that you were not even aware of.


This is the first step of learning to live in awareness.

We are educated on the Chakra energy centres of the body, what they do and how to stimulate them.


After some time and regular practice you will find you have happiness and freedom in the mind.

This Yagya was sponsored by a devotee who was embarking on changes in her life.  She was soon to be married and wanted to start her life in the right way.


Yagya is prescribed for the improvement of one's life.  It allows you to achieve things either spiritually or materially.  This is meant to be performed under the open sky with sacred ingredients.  It is a full sized Hawan Kund. 


Once you have done offerings in such an authentic fashion, nothing else will satisfy you. 


A lot of people always ask, what if it rains?  After you have been

here for awhile, you will not ask that question.  It may drizzle but it always clears for the yagya.   And if it so happens to ever actually rain, we will still do the yagya with joy.


Abhishekam is the bathing of a deity, in this case Maha Kali.    Abhishekam together with the ceremonies  is many times more powerful. Abhishekam can be done by using holy water or performed elaborately with milk, yoghourt, honey, sugar, haldi, sandalwood paste, fruit juice etc. 


Devotees bring red flowers, red fruit, deyaa, sesame oil, moli (string), coconut, and aggarbatti to offer.