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A Unique and Private Mandir for Meditation, Astrology and Yagyas in Brampton.  

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Maha Kali Abhishek

Monday April 28, 2014

5:30 PM

Come Witness or Participate in a unique worship of Maha Kali.


Maha Kali Mandir Canada (Private)


The Maha Kali Mandir is dedicated toward creating awareness of self and creating a spiritual connection with Maha Kali through Meditation, Astrology and Yagya.


This website gives insight into the unique approach of the Maha Kali Mandir creating a materially and spiritually rich life while maintaining balance.

The Maha Kali Mandir was created by Shri Surya Prakash ji.  He envisioned a place for people to find refuge and solace from the problems of the world.  


The Maha Kali Mandir is created in harmony with the natural elements.  It harnesses those energies and creates a focal point of energy. 

The Maha Kali Mandir is unique in this way.  From Meditation to the great Yagyas that are performed, everything is felt on a different level.


Surya Prakash ji

Living in the west it takes passion to worship Maha Kali in such close quarters.  In most mandirs only the priests are allowed. 


Here the individuals have learned to express their devotion despite living in the west. 


The primary motivation is live life, enjoy life and be close with Maha Kali. 



If you want to see the full opening clip of Maha Kali Abhishek, click on the following video link.